Jonelle Kop moved to Islamorada in 1979. As a longtime resident, her knowledge of the area and her positive attitude is a great compliment to our team. She is an accountant and expert in Sales taxes as well as very knowledgeable in many other financialareas. She is an active supporter of our Veterans and founded SaveOurVets.com, which was instrumental in getting legislation passed to increase the Vet Center program Nationwide. She joined The Key Players since 2000 and either directed, produced, or acted in most of the shows since 2011.

Jonelle manages our vacation rental program as well as our annual rentals. As a rental manager, Jonelle is extremely knowledgeable about waterfront condominiums and homes in the area, and has been listing and selling a number of waterfront condos as well. Currently she has buyers for condominiums throughout Islamorada, so if you are looking to sell, contact Jonelle today!